Fellowship Development

Fellowship Development was formerly known as the Public Information and Outreach Subcommittees. The phoneline, meeting schedules, and website are all coordinated through Fellowship Development. This committee is also available to groups for services such as learning days, group inventories, and GSR orientations. 

If you would like to get involved with service in Fellowship Development please come to the subcommittee meeting. If your group would like to request services from Fellowship Development please have your GSR contact the Fellowship Development Committee at the upcoming ASC meeting.

Contingency Plan

It is essential that all members of the Chattanooga Area with at least 90 days clean know what procedures are to be followed when Narcotics Anonymous is contacted by someone outside NA, including a print or broadcasting news entity, for speaking engagements, general information, literature, etc...

This plan will outline how such contacts are to be managed and should be distributed widely throughout the Chattanooga Area.

Meeting Time and Location

2nd Sunday of every month at 1:00 PM

Currently happening via ZOOM:

Meeting ID: 789 8017 1559

Password: 123456


Contingency Plan Coming Soon!